What is Prop 1?

“Proposition 1 is an item on the general election ballot for 2020.”

The parcels associated with Prop 1 were rezoned from 5 acre lots to 1/3 acre lots in the fall of 2018. Prop 1 is also called Shoshone Village. A referendum was filed in 2018 and enough signatures were verified to place the rezone on the ballot in 2020. What this means is the voters of Tooele County- and not just the three Tooele County Commissioners from 2018- have the opportunity to decide if the zone change takes effect.

What will Prop 1 look like on the ballot?

This is what Prop 1 will look like on your ballot

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Proposition 1 ballot title: Referendum on Ordinance 2018-13:

On November 20, 2018, the Tooele County Commission passed Ordinance 2018-13 to rezone approximately 119.43 acres of land located south of Erda Way and east of SR-36 from RR-5 (rural residential, single family, five-acre minimum lot size) to R-1-12 (residential, single family, 10,000 to 22,000 square foot lot sizes with up to three dwelling units per acre). This zone change will take effect only if approved by the voters.

Are you for or against the zone change taking effect?

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Where is the Prop 1 property located?

North Boundary:
Droubay Farms

East Boundary:
Droubay Road
(adjacent to Pass Canyon Ranchettes, 5-acre lot subdivision)

South Boundary:
Brookfield Estates
(5-acre lot subdivision)

West Boundary:
Undeveloped commercial parcels
(adjacent to and east of Bargain Buggy’s and Wildcat Storage)

prop 1 aerial map

What does the Prop 1 development (Shoshone Village) look like?

Original Concept Map

Updated Concept Map

prop 1 concept maps

A 700% increase in average density

Original Concept Map:
Approximately 1/3 acre each.

Updated Concept Map:
16 acres of 1 acre lots, 12.3 acres of “pond/open space”. 65.2 acres “residential development of ranging density”.

Imagine if you live on a 1/4 acre lot and someone bought the 1/4 acre lot next to yours.

That person then decides to put an 8 unit apartment complex on that 1/4 acre.

The result?

  • 8x the cars
  • 8x the traffic
  • 8x people

This is the increase in average density we are talking about on the Prop 1 parcels…

A 700% increase or 8 times multiplier versus what would have been there if the parcels were developed under the original RR-5 or 5-acre minimum lot size zoning.

It would be reasonable to believe the 158 homes in the “ranging density” will have a density of greater than 1/3 acre as originally proposed to compensate for the addition of 16- 1 acre lots.